Le Tour Results

New graphs of the 2013 Tour de France results added and updated daily!

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Keeno Guesses – July 20

Tweet with both #keeno and #sagwagon and the km mark for the catch from P&P.

Competition is Closed!

Sam Pang’s wine appreciation helper

Ever worry that you’ll be at a wine tasting event with Sam Pang and be caught out on your ignorance of the finer things in life? Have no fear, the #sagwagon have come up with a simple way to fake it till you make it.

Time lost on each stage

At some point I’ll work out how to make this fit on the page…

KOM points earned per stage

Points earned per stage

Some riders inconsiderately lost points on some stages, which gives weird negative bars…

GC Rankings of all riders

Points Rankings of all riders

KOM Rankings of all riders

White Jersey Rankings

Green Jersey Points Tally

KOM Points Tally

6 thoughts on “Le Tour Results

    • Yeah, they’re a bit deceptive (and getting more so as I cram more stages into a tight space). The -ve posistion are an artifact of the curve fitting algorithm, which isn’t great at making sharp turns. I’m playing around with some ways to reduce this effect, but I’m yet to find a way to do it which doesn’t make some other aspect of the graph much worse.

  1. Can you not just do point to point then ? Could you make it to like 10th degree (ie x1 – x2 + x3, ect ,ect ?)

    • Yeah, you can do it with linear segments but it makes it really hard to visually track things. As I said, it’s all about trade offs :)

    • Haha, I can’t decide if the duplicate ones are a bug that should be fixed, or a brilliant insight from the wine-bot about the nature of wine critiquing :-)

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