• Gattini – A Multisite Campaign for the Measurement of Sky Brightness in Antarctica (2008) A. Moore, G. Allen, E. Aristidi, M. Ashley, T. Bedding, C. Beichman, R. Briguglio, M. Busso, M. Candidi, D. Ciardi, Xiangqun Cui, G. Cutispoto, E. Distefano, P. Espy, J. Everett, Longlong Feng, Jingyao Hu, Zhaoji Jiang, S. Kenyon, C. Kulesa, J. Lawrence, B. Le Roux, T. Leslie, Yuanshen Li, D. Luong-Van, A. Phillips, Weijian Qin, R. Ragazzoni, R. Riddle, L. Sabbatini, P. Salinari, W. Saunders, Zhaohui Shang, D. Stello, J. Storey, Bo Sun, N. Suntzeff, M. Taylor, G. Tosti, N. Tothill, T. Travouillon, G. Van Belle, K. Von Braun, Lifan Wang, Jun Yan, Huigen Yang, Xiangyan Yuan, Zhu Zhenxi, Xu Zhou, ,Proc. SPIE7012, (2008), 701226–701226-10.
  •  A.M. Moore, T. Leslie, M.C.B. Ashley, E. Aristidi, T. Bedding, R. Briguglio, M. Busso, M. Candidi, G. Cutispoto, E. Distefano, J. Everett, S. Kenyon, J. Lawrence, B. Le Roux, D. Luong-Van, A. Phillips, R. Ragazzoni, L. Sabbatini, P. Salinari, D. Stello, J.W.V. Storey, M. Taylor, G. Tosti and T. Travouillon (2008). The Dome C Gattini sky brightness cameras: results from the first year of operation. EAS Publications Series, 33 , pp 13-19 doi:10.1051/eas:0833004

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