Software Architect


  • Developed a medical image labelling system to collect training data to be used in clinically deployed machine learning models.
  • Lead teams of engineers and designers to develop solutions for clients.
  • Provided training to team members across the organisation in Software Engineering and Computer Science.
2018 - Present

Freelance Consultant

Six Two Eight

  • Developed machine learning systems to help clients answer key business questions using their existing data.
2017 - 2018

Senior Software Engineer

Breakaway Consulting - Cochlear

  • Implemented a development framework for a team of ~40 embedded firmware developers to ensure robust software engineering processes in the development of medical devices.
  • Rearchitected a large legacy codebase (~250KLOC) to improve build systems, test frameworks and device drivers.
  • Developed an automatic document generation system to assist with regulatory compliance.
  • Mentored and trained engineers in best development practices for Python to improve overall team performance.
2011 - 2017

Software Engineer

Open Kernel Labs

  • Developed a build system to replace SCons and Make with a focus on optimising developer turnaround speed.
  • Built tools to assist with testing microkernels on simulated systems.
2007 - 2009

Software Developer

The Brain Resource Company

  • Developed systems to process EEG and ECG data collected from research particpants.
  • Worked with researchers to develop new analysis algorithms for ERP peak detection.
  • Maintained and improved user interface for visualising the contents of a large database.
2003 - 2006

Tutor/Lab Demonstrator/Lecturer

University of New South Wales

  • Prepared and delivered tutorials and lab demonstrations for students studying Maths, Physics, and Computer Science
  • Gave one on one tuition to Maths students as part of the Student Support Scheme.
  • Delivered a short lecture series to 3rd year Climate Science students on global fluid dynamics models.
2002 - 2012 (casual)